Learn to Sail on Samui in 15 Minutes

There have been several strange sightings off the coastline of Coconut River Resorts on Koh Samui, and there is even reporting of others from various shores off of Thailand. Some of the most seasoned and veteran of sailors choose to call these discoveries as discreditable, as mere myths, and even as untrue yarns of the sea. Asia Hydrosail advanced watercraftNautical vessels with billowed sails have been seen flying past yachts, charter boats, jet-skis, windsurfers, and even sailboats, into the horizon with solo passengers at their helm, many of which are reported to be as youthful as children, guiding these crafts.

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Broken Heart Rescue – Coconut River Koh Samui

We have all experienced it.

Broken hearted optimist Nowhere to go

Some of us know how to turn the switch and just move in another direction.

Some of us feel like the world is ending when our relationships come to and end.

But there are ways to overcome this mental position. Imagine a different partnerSomething that I always found effective was to use your imagination! It does sound a bit silly I know, but try it: visualise yourself being happy and over your ex!
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Wooden Houses & Coconut Shells

Lost paradise in some tourist areas of Koh Samui.As you scour the Internet looking for a suitable location to spend your hard-earned money on the few days that you have been granted by the forces that rule your work life, you will accomplish only achieving the success of finding a myriad of concrete structures carefully placed on the beachfront of one of the most stunning islands in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Ahh, but do not let what you see at first glance betray your dreams.

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Sex on the Beach – Coconut Beach Koh Samui

Romantic location for a holidayWhen it comes to finding a romantic location for a holiday, and when there are such a myriad of possibilities on the paradise coves of Koh Samui, it gives the tourist in search of an intimate vacation more than a few choices to unwind at. Coconut Beach in Bang Por holds for many travellers the perfect scenario for endless nights of romance and quiet solitude.
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Falling Coconuts & Falling in Love – Koh Samui

most romantic solution for newly-weds For most honeymooners, it would only be a wise choice to allocate the most valuable vacation of your lifetime to an exotic and exciting location.

Within the Gulf of Thailand is an island, where on a windy day one might assume that the statistical dangers of falling coconuts could not only become a danger, but keep you looking skyward and preoccupying your holiday hours. Coconut Resorts on Coconut Beach has the most romantic solution for its newly-wed or romantic interloping island couples.
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Bang Por – Koh Samui

There are few places on the island of Koh Samui that offer true serenity. After you have spent an hour or two engulfed in the shopping bliss of Chaweng, driven the pearly shorelines of Lamai and The Virgin Coast, you just might think that you have exasperated the possibilities of beauty that this rock found within the Gulf of Thailand has to offer.

Residents, as well as long-term visitors have had time to peruse the innards of this tropical paradise holiday haven more than the typical tourist.

Coconut River Beach

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Resort Dining on the Beach – Koh Samui

There are many ways for you to enjoy yourself at the Coconut Samui Villas on Bang Por Beach, Koh Samui. Beach BarbecueSo many in fact that there comes a point when you will truly need to sit down and decide what it is that you want to eat for dinner. Now here is where we have an incredible suggestion for you. From the view you have on your patio of your stunning resort, lies one of the most exclusive dining locations in the world. Continue reading

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Coconut River Koh Samui Villa R2

Coconut Beach Koh Samui

When you dream, do you do so in colour?

Are the beaches as vivid as they appear right at this moment?

Does the sun warm you to the very core of your heart, and can you smell the fresh scent of the ocean air as it drifts through your holiday villa at Coconut River R2? Considered the dream vacation location, the beaches of Bang Por and Coconut River R2, Koh Samui beach front holiday villathe Coconut Samui Villas are a tourist’s dreams come true. Abandoning the typical vacation style of a resort filled with box-like structures and impersonal staff, this stylish and elegantly furnished holiday beach villa, called Coconut River – R2, beckons you to enjoy the comforts of 3 bedrooms with king-sized beds for ultimate sleeping comfort, 2 bathrooms, and a large balcony all of your own.  Continue reading

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Coconut River – R1

Perhaps the most amazing detail of these beach villas, idyllically located directly on the beaches of Bang Por on the coconut island of Koh Samui, is the fact that they are Loungers on the balconymade out of wood. With the tropical sun beating down on their wooden frames, they both heat and cool easily under the changing tropic skies. Villa R1 features 3 bedrooms with A/C for those hot days, and fans to keep you cool at night. 2 marbled bathrooms and a stunning wrap-around balcony with a starlight Jacuzzi on the balcony of the Master bedroom. Featuring all the modern amenities of home, combined with the necessities of making your holiday a dream come true, Villa R1 at Coconut River provides holiday comfort for up to 6 persons with romantic views across the Gulf of Thailand onto the Marine Park and the neighbouring island of Koh Phangan.  Continue reading

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